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A Life In Chains ( Short App Mutant Prison RPG)
A futuristic Mutant prison RPG With a super short character application!

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 Legal Steroids
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6 Path of the Vampire
156 47

A vampire themed roleplay forum with a simple 2D game which tracks your character's progress. You can roleplay on the forum or location chats to gain experience for your character in game. Very activ
7 The Wall: Survival
68 10

An original fantasy RP with a dystopian-Medieval setting, The Wall captures the tale of a kingdom's desperate attempt to survive by sending settlers through a portal to a mysterious new world.
8 Hymn of the Fayth
33 10

More than a thousand years ago, mankind waged wars using machina to kill. They kept building more and more powerful machina. They made weapons so powerful, it was thought they could destroy the entire
9 SSB: Life Itself
14 7

You ever wondered what it would be like to immerse yourself into the Smash Brothers Universe? To become that cherished character you've always wanted to be? To dive into an intensive and unique story
10 The Kingdom of Archades
9 7

In a realm where the tides of power have flowed strong for centuries, the struggle for the throne of Archades is mounting from within the royal family... and without.
11 Ravenclaw Pride
8 6
We are a community site for Ravenclaws, HP fans and just anyone who would like to join!
12 The Hammel Institute
2 0
In a world where people are developing superpowers, the Hammel Insitute is the foremost institution for training. Between the students, staff, and the locals in the nearby town, how will you leave you
13 South Island
2 2
We have a variety of topics to choose from and are a general chat site with a lot to offer. Come check us out. Games,chat,recipes,tags,wwos...
14 Black and White
1 1
An Original Fantasy inspired by Castlevania, Dishonored, & D&D. Member driven world advancement with plenty of opportunity.
15 The Hunger Games Trilogy RP
1 1
Panem Forever
AU Hunger Games Role Play
16 Toy Soldiers
1 0
four packs and monsters around every corner come check us out
17 Heroes of Albion
0 3
Intermediate-Advanced Literacy, Engaging Plots, Very Active Staff, 1+ Year(s) Old, TONS of Canons to Apply For... Enter the world of Albion, based on the Fable videogames, and become whoever you want
0 2
19 I Love Cardigans
0 6
A site devoted to lovers of Cardigan sweaters/
20 The Extensions
0 1
Ever wondered what your character would do when shoved into a fantasy Kingdom full of fantasy creatures?

What about a tropical island with Amazonians and different creatures?
21 I am spam.
0 10
This top site is full of spam.
22 Jokkun
0 4
Mission Statement
Teen Pride's Mission is to provide accurate, friendly support and information to gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning teenagers and young adults growing up in America as well as t
23 roleplayforyou(rpfu)
0 6
roleplay for you (rpfu for short) is a site i created where roleplayers of all types and skill levels can come and have fun(if i hat more than one member there tht is -~-) any ways.. i onl hope to have a minimum of at least 10 members or more.
0 1
We are a brand new post-potter era, Harry Potter roleplay site looking for new and enthusiastic members to get our site going, as we JUST opened. There are many canons still available! Check us out!
25 yahoo
0 3

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