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The Extensions
Ever wondered what your character would do when shoved into a fantasy Kingdom full of fantasy creatures?

What about a tropical island with Amazonians and different creatures?

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52 www.scarlettwhispers.proboards.com
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www.scarlettwhispers.proboards.com -WELCOME QVC and HOME SHOPPING LOVERS. A beautiful forum for women who love to chat, shop, decorate, cook, etc. Welcome members of QVC & HSN Message Boards!
53 Azure Vampires
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What happens when everything you love is no longer there?

Post Breaking Dawn / Canons Available!
54 And Your Heart's the Moon
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Washington in present day America with quite the twist. With a fallen American government things have changed. Choose between being a resident of one of two separate towns, a patient in the asylum or rehab, a school student, an orphan.. and there's even
55 no place like home
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Life is a constant struggle. There really is no way around it. It's a constant uphill battle, and there are always going to be times where you feel like you just want to sit down and give up. Bayview
56 Disney Afternoon
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Welcome to Disney Afternoon, a Disney Personified site set in a real life town named Hanford.

Read more: http://disneycharacter.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=headersfooters2#ixzz1pJ5ukrnH
57 Lost In Paradise
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Lost in Paradise is a low word count, short app, real life rpg set in Crystal Falls Virginia. We aren't your average small town rpg -- with four feuding families that claim to be the "originals", d
58 Chance RP
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A liquid time, play-by-post fantasy wolf role-play with friendly staff and pack positions open. We have a lottery every month, as well as OTM awards!
So come by and have a look ;)
59 Nowhere left to run
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60 A New Dawn
0 0
Over the past few years, we have grown as a community, branching out with three different role-playing boards across the web, being within the same universe. Members are able to play out their own plo
61 Equinex: School of Horsemanship
0 0
Equinex is an equestrian sport focused boarding school for students fourteen to eighteen, set around the fictitious town of Millsburg, Virgina. Giving members both the opportunity to play as both student or adult in this fictional world where the equestri
62 Heroes of Albion
0 0
Intermediate-Advanced Literacy, Engaging Plots, Very Active Staff, 1+ Year(s) Old, TONS of Canons to Apply For... Enter the world of Albion, based on the Fable videogames, and become whoever you want
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Vampire Academy is an RPG based on the books by Richelle Mead, it is for anyone from beginner to advanced.
0 0
We are a brand new post-potter era, Harry Potter roleplay site looking for new and enthusiastic members to get our site going, as we JUST opened. There are many canons still available! Check us out!
65 Call It Karma
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Everyone has their little secrets in the hallway of teenage waste land. After all, why wouldn't they when cliques hold heavy? Its all about the newest piece of gossip someone can score or the latest drama along the lockers. Especially when it's something
66 Aldcrest
0 1
A medieval fantasy roleplay, where nothing is as it seems.
67 Safe & Sound - Non Canon Post Potter
0 0
Set decades after the Final Battle. Come help us to shape the wizarding world the way you want it to be shaped.
0 0
a rapid-fire multiverse roleplay
69 Mass Effect: Fate of the Galaxy
0 0
Alternate Universe roleplay based on the game trilogy Mass Effect.
70 *-- No More Sorrow
0 0
No More Sorrow is a post-Potter roleplay set just over two decades after Harry defeated Voldemort. While the wizarding world attends the Hogwarts' Tournament, an event much like the Triwizard Tournam
71 At The Bottom of Everything
0 1
A post-potter RP set around 20 years after the fall of Voldemort. The Death Eaters are gone, but in their place is another threat.
72 Hogwarts: Darkness Fight
0 1
The war with Voldemort left both sides of the magical community in shambles, several of each side had died with everyone giving valiant efforts to keep Hogwarts safe. The good had thought they were safe, even celebrating when the death eaters retreated. H
73 Z-Day
0 0
A Modern Day zombie roleplay based in Seattle Washington
74 The Angelverse RP
0 0
An AU Angel/Buffy/Supernatural RP
75 Animosity Asylum
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Welcome, newcomer. We introduce you to Animosity Asylum, home of the sick, diseased, and terminally ill. We are a prosperous facility set in the beautiful Waterville, Maine. Welcome to Hell, Dearest.

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