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fallen dreams
A modern-fantasy site that encourages imaginative yet evolutionary creations.

Ever since government has lost control over the supernatural situation, many people have been trying to get to the fourth

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76 Fallen Dreams
0 1
A sci-fi-fantasy rpg that promotes creativity and fun by allowing you to eventually create whatever type of being/creature you desire. This site is an intermediate to advanced rpg.
77 Kingdom Hearts: Confused Memories - Version 4
0 1
We are a Kingdom Hearts Roleplaying Forum featured by Proboards. This site has been running for 5+ years. The staff is helpful and the members are great. We have a lot of open canon characters and all
78 Domain of the Delphi
0 1
An active AU Percy Jackson RPG with a friendly OOC community and a fascinating plot. We'd love to have you join us!
79 The New Ages
0 1
The Statue of Secrecy is no longer in effect; Muggles know all of our secrets, the world is in turmoil of the after-effects, and a war is on the horizon.
80 Equinex: School of Horsemanship
0 1
Equinex is an equestrian sport focused boarding school for students fourteen to eighteen, set around the fictitious town of Millsburg, Virgina. Giving members both the opportunity to play as both student or adult in this fictional world where the equestri
81 No Shame
0 1
All topics,will be discussed.We will also have roll playing of a different kind.Roll Playing in a soap opera or tv show.Make your own character and have fun interacting with others!
82 Falling from Heaven
0 0
An Angels and Demons Academy/City role-play located in New York City. Demons, Dark and Guardian Angels, Vampires, Hybrids, and Humans. More species coming soon!
0 0
a rapid-fire multiverse roleplay
84 Sorecery and Magic - Tales of the Unnamed Universi
0 0
Welcome to Sorcery and Magic, a super power role play, for all role play levels. We judge by quality, not quantity of posts.

On a Plane that doesn't exist, in a time that is nether past, present nor
85 *-- No More Sorrow
0 1
No More Sorrow is a post-Potter roleplay set just over two decades after Harry defeated Voldemort. While the wizarding world attends the Hogwarts' Tournament, an event much like the Triwizard Tournam
86 Rosewood Heights
0 0
Got a secret, can you keep it?
Welcome to Rosewood Heights!
87 Call It Karma
0 0
Everyone has their little secrets in the hallway of teenage waste land. After all, why wouldn't they when cliques hold heavy? Its all about the newest piece of gossip someone can score or the latest drama along the lockers. Especially when it's something
88 Aldcrest
0 0
A medieval fantasy roleplay, where nothing is as it seems.
89 Safe & Sound - Non Canon Post Potter
0 0
Set decades after the Final Battle. Come help us to shape the wizarding world the way you want it to be shaped.
90 Blessed && Wicked
0 0
Ever since the supernatural have been discovered, they've been fighting for their rights around the globe.
91 A War of Kings
0 1
A War of Kings is an original medieval fantasy rpg through writing that centers around two kingdoms that have been encased in a centuries old war.
92 Until The Day I Die! {Slave & Master RPG}
0 0
A Short app Slave & Master Rpg set in Japan~
93 000
0 0
0 0
Post Potter Roleplay set in the year 2021.
95 On Stranger Tides
0 0
A Unique General post OST pirates Of The Caribbean roleplay site.
We have a vague plot going on and create our own adventure with our characters.
96 Tsunasha
0 0
Unique elemental roleplay community. Posts are saved, to create novel-like threads. Create numerous characters (fire, water, earth, ice benders). Casual, and few strict rules. 8 active members.
97 fastestvideos
0 0
Fastest Videos.com is a place to discover, watch, upload and share videos
98 The last train home
0 0
We are an advanced post Potter Role play, with two plots, one for the adult characters and one for the students so you can take on the characters you love from the Golden era and their children.
99 Coping With Issues
0 0
A stigma free environment for people with Mental/Physical Health Issues. Daily activities, etc. to encourage positive health & well being.
100 Amazing Bible Blog
0 0
Insightful information as it pertains to Bible prophecy.
Forget the Mayan calendar
and get the TRUTH!

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