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roleplay for you (rpfu for short) is a site i created where roleplayers of all types and skill levels can come and have fun(if i hat more than one member there tht is -~-) any ways.. i onl hope to have a minimum of at least 10 members or more.

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 Path of the Vampire
292 33

A vampire themed roleplay forum with a simple 2D game which tracks your character's progress. You can roleplay on the forum or location chats to gain experience for your character in game. Very activ
2 Horrors Online
37 46

Horror discussion forum. New and classic horror movies, horror on TV, horror literature, anything related to the genre.
General discussion and gaming areas as well.
3 Black and White
37 8

An Original Fantasy inspired by Castlevania, Dishonored, & D&D. Member driven world advancement with plenty of opportunity.
4 The Walking Dead: Survivor Stories
20 10

A role play forum with built-in RPG mechanics. Gain loot and XP for each roleplay post you make, and arm yourself to survive the harsh world of post-apocalyptic Oregon, where surprises await in every
5 Swan Empire
11 5

An original superpower roleplay based in South Korea, Jeju island. (Theme: Boarding School, City)
6 Chasing The Moon
7 5

A fantasy play-by-post site where you can choose to play a number of creatures. Come join us!
7 S.N.A.F.U.
2 5

Multimuse / Multifandom Role-Play Site.
8 The Hunger Games Trilogy RP
2 5

Panem Forever
AU Hunger Games Role Play
9 The Kingdom of Archades
2 3

In a realm where the tides of power have flowed strong for centuries, the struggle for the throne of Archades is mounting from within the royal family... and without.
10 Hogwarts Online School
1 3

Hogwarts Online School is a 9 year old AU Harry Potter roleplay set in the year 2028. We are very active, have lots of boards to RP in and a great staff!
11 SSB: Life Itself
1 2
You ever wondered what it would be like to immerse yourself into the Smash Brothers Universe? To become that cherished character you've always wanted to be? To dive into an intensive and unique story
12 NETHERING's Institution for the Criminally Insane
0 3
NETHERING's is the most insane, brand new role-play on the web! Choose from a soldier, a doctor, or patient and try to survive the island or die trying. With a twist on a historical plot and interesting members, the only limit is your imagination!
13 roleplayforyou(rpfu)
0 5
roleplay for you (rpfu for short) is a site i created where roleplayers of all types and skill levels can come and have fun(if i hat more than one member there tht is -~-) any ways.. i onl hope to have a minimum of at least 10 members or more.
0 3
15 When The Dawn Breaks
0 3
A post Breaking Dawn RPG.

It has been a year since the Volturi left Forks, leaving the Cullens to return to relative normality again. Life goes on as if nothing had happened. The stories of all who l
16 www.scarlettwhispers.proboards.com
0 3
www.scarlettwhispers.proboards.com -WELCOME QVC and HOME SHOPPING LOVERS. A beautiful forum for women who love to chat, shop, decorate, cook, etc. Welcome members of QVC & HSN Message Boards!
17 The World of Pandora
0 3
Its been 100 years since the Na'vi have reclaimed their home. Forcing the RDA back to their home planet Earth, leaving a handful of humans behind. So far there has been peace. The Na'vi have been tr
18 Sweet Tea and sunshine
0 1
TV show,soap chat,general topics
19 I am spam.
0 2
This top site is full of spam.
20 no place like home
0 3
Life is a constant struggle. There really is no way around it. It's a constant uphill battle, and there are always going to be times where you feel like you just want to sit down and give up. Bayview
21 Azure Vampires
0 4
What happens when everything you love is no longer there?

Post Breaking Dawn / Canons Available!
22 My Den (Interactive Warriors Game)
0 4
Play as your favorite cat from the Warrior Series, and get your own Den. You can buy items to decorate your den with, hunt, take quizzes, chat, and so much more!
23 The Dregga Region 2.0
0 0
The Dregga Region 2.0 is an upcoming Pokemon role play site where you can role play as one of 7 types of trainers. However with a dark force coming from a near by archipelago which road will you choose?
24 The Living Nightmare
0 4
A fun new twist on role-playing and story-writing. Come join us on the fun! Here, you can create characters and write their journaled diary experiences OR role-play with others. :)
25 Nowhere left to run
0 2
We are an AU supernatural rp site, based on the episode 'The Endí. What if Sam and Dean couldnít see eye to eye? What if Sam hadnít said yes yet? Would he?

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